Linear Conveyor Moduls


High-speed and high-accuracy transfer
Drive: linear motor with flat magnet core
Module lengths: 640 mm / 480 mm / 400 mm
Max. possible stroke: infinite
Max. speed: 3,000 mm/sec.
Max. acceleration: 2G
Max. load mass: 15 kg
Repeated positioning accuracy: ± 0.015 mm, ± 0.010 mm with RFID correction

An expanding, next-generation transport system
Flexible set-up of the slider's acceleration/deceleration, forward/backward movement, positioning, and other actions.
The variety of possible line structures has been greatly expanded to supersede conventional belt and roller type models.

A modular structure that allows easy layout change
The length of the transfer line can be adjusted freely by adding, removing or rearranging modules. Excess modules can be stored for maintenance work.

Create a new transfer environment
Loss-free transport that was not possible with conventional conveyors can be achieved with LCM100.
Reduce losses while increasing profitability.

Lower noise level and longer service life

Comparing with ball screw type robots, linear motor engines have fewer sliding and rotating parts, what makes the operation amazingly quiet. Because coil and magnet are free of contact, the whole system is wearless and requires very low maintenance.

Major benefits of LCM100:

  • High-speed movement
  • Round travel is possible
  • Direct positioning
  • Smooth deceleration and stop
  • Work on the slider is possible
  • Removable slider

Linear Conveyor Module LCM100 - Promotional Video

This is a promotional video that presents the features of the LCM100 linear conveyor module in an easily understood way

Examples of Transfer Applications

This is a video demonstrating the circulation-type transfer and passing-type transfer. They are made by combining traversers and the slider insertion/ejection function of LCM100.

High throughput assembly line Yamaha PAS speedometer assembly (1)

Centered around the LCM100, and also including a Cartesian robot and a linear motor single-axis robot, a demo setup of the "speedometer assembly line" for the sporty model of the Yamaha PAS was shown at the 2013 International Robot Exhibition.

High throughput assembly line Yamaha PAS speedometer assembly (2)

The linear conveyer module allows setup of a speedy transfer line without momentary stops.

Yamaha speaker component assembly

High-speed transfer is provided, and the production process is modularized. A range of production steps can be implemented by placing modules on a base that can be expanded or contracted. Processes (modules) can also be easily exchanged.