The YAMAHA XY series stands for highest accuracy and flexibility for a broad range of applications.

Cartesian systems are ideally suitable for serving a larger area with heavy payloads, as well as for small-sized solutions. Especially if space is only available aloft or if high precision is needed, they can be a price-competitive alternative to articulated robots.

The XY series has several different models which can be combined with each other and individually adapted.

The following models are available:

  • Arm type
  • Gantry type
  • Moving arm type
  • XZ type
  • Pole type
  • Dual synchronous drive

Sealing application

A dispenser nozzle is attached to the Cartesian robot (SXYX) to make the sealing process automated. Even when the workpiece deviates from its original position, the vision system "iVY" detects the deviation or inclination to automatically correct it.

Long distance travel and heavy weight loading

2.5m vertical axis for loading / unloading high stacks. Rigid even while momentary overhang of the Z-axis

Drilling holes with 12 axes system controlled by 3x RCX340