With the YA-series Yamaha offers a wide range of manipulators for general handling, assemply and placement applications.

6-axis robots

The 6-axis robots range from the ultra-light YA-RJ with 1 kg payload up to the YAR6F with 6 kg payload and longest reach in class (1422mm).

Main features:

  • Ultra light and compact
  • Flexible mounting
  • Long reach
  • High speed control cycle

7-axis robots

The 7-axis robots open up new possibilities due to the very high degree of motion like a human arm. It can reach behind objects and used in narrow space.

Variations from 5 to 20 kg payload are available.

Main features:

  • Flexible Arm Move w Elbow Axis
  • Very low positioning
  • Reach behind the objects
  • Flexible Mount
  • Cables and Air Tube inside robots
  • High performance simulation
  • Put arm in narrow space
  • Down sizing

Vertically articulated robots YA series

The SCARA robot performs pick and place while vertically articulated robots execute pallet changes. Free arm movement allows complex operations.

YAMAHA YA-R3F draw Kumamon