Seika Sangyo is the European distribution partner for UESHIMA, a long-standing manufacturer of rubber and tire testing equipment.

UESHIMA testers are designed to analyze the material characteristics of tires in a lab scale environment with realistic road conditions.

Thanks to their various settings and automatic sample processing functionality, data can be collected most efficiently for numerous values such as:

  • tire wear
  • grip & traction
  • abrasion resistance
  • rolling resistance
  • frictional resistance
  • viscoelasticity
  • Glass transition temperature of elastomers
  • Mooney viscosity
  • Blow point for vulcanization
  • μS curve


These data help to develop new fillers and rubber compounds with improved braking performance, abrasion resistance or fuel consumption.

In its 100-year history, test equipment has been developed in close collaboration with leading industrial companies to become an indispensable laboratory tool for material testing.

UESHIMA high-polymer material testers are being used today by major tire and rubber manufacturers around the world.

With our products, we hope to create value and increase security for material testing to contribute to a better society.


For more information, please contact us under +49 211 - 4158 132.