Sayaka PCB Router

Key Features

  • Solution for stress free depanelization
  • Fixture-based highly efficient dust vacuum system
  • Clean and precise depanelization for densely populated PCBs
  • Advanced image-processing software offers point-and-click operation for programming router paths
  • Automatic alignment compensation by CCD camera
  • User-friendly operation
  • Extended bit life by automatic router bit depth adjustment
  • Improved tact time
  • Low maintenance required
  • Reasonable price


Comparison chart of Specification

Product List

  • SAM-CT 23NJ
  • SAM-CT 34NJ
  • SAM-CT 56NJ
  • Table Top type (SAM-CT23Q)
  • Table Top type with CCD camera (SAM-CT23S) /New release

Sayaka Router machine 23NJ


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Flyer SAM-CT 23Q (table top type)

Flyer SAM-CT 23S (table top type with CCD camera)

Flyer SAM-CT 23NJ-34NJ-56NJ